Step and Flash Imprint Lithography Mesoscale Modeling

The goal of the Step and Flash Imprint Lithography (SFIL) mesoscale modeling project is to create an aid in materials research as well as to try to elucidate materials interactions during the etch barrier polymerization.


The etch barrier is modeled as a randomly populated multi-component lattice.   The photopolymerization is then carried out using Monte Carlo techniques.  The model captures the resultant bond connectivity of the monomers, cross-linkers, etc. and then performs a densification based on the various forces, Van der Waals and covalent interactions, present between the lattice components and their interaction with the template.  The resultant feature’s shape can then be examined based on upon the initial feature geometry and etch barrier composition.
Sample Simulation Results
This work is done with the aid of members of Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES) here at the University of Texas at Austin.  Future work will study the effect of pattern density as well as the continued optimization of the code to allow simulations of larger features.

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