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Durand, William J.; Blachut, Gregory; Maher, Michael J.; Sirard, Stephen; Tein, Summer; Carlson, Matthew C.; Asano, Yusuke; Zhou, Sunshine X.; Lane, Austin P.; Bates, Ch “Design of high-chi block copolymers for lithography,” Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry 53(2) 344-352 (2015)
Hayes, Colin O.; William K. Bell, Benjamin R. Cassidy, and C. Grant Willson “Synthesis and Characterization of a Two Stage, Nonlinear Photobase Generator,” The Journal of organic chemistry 80(15) 7530-7535 (2015)
Bell, William K; Rawlings, Brandon M.; Long, Brian K.; Webb, R. Chad; Keitz, B. Keith; Haeussling, Lukas; Willson, C. Grant “Poling and crosslinking processes in NLO polymers,” Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry 52(19) 2769-2775 (2014)
Maher, Michael J.; Christopher M. Bates, William J. Durand, Gregory Blachut, Dustin W. Janes, Joy Y. Cheng, Daniel P. Sanders, C. Grant Willson, and Christopher J. Ellis “Interfacial Layers with Photoswitching Surface Energy for Block Copolymer Alignment and Directed Self-Assembly.,” Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 28(5) 611-615 (2015)
Deschner, Ryan; Tang, Hao; Allen, Peter; Hall, Cecilia; Hlis, Rocco; Ellington, Andrew; Willson, C. Grant “Progress Report on the Generation of Polyfunctional Microscale Particles for Programmed Self-Assembly,” Chemistry of Materials 26(3) 1457-1462 (2014)