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Someya, Yasunobu ; Yusuke Asano, Michael J. Maher, Gregory Blachut, Austin P. Lane, Stephen Sirard, Christopher J. Ellison, C. Grant Willson “Synthesis and Characterization of Si-containing Block Co-polymers with Resolution beyond 10 nm,” Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 95(5) 701-704 (2016)
Dick, Andrew R.; William K. Bell, Brendan Luke, Erin Maines, Brennen Mueller, Brandon Rawlings, Paul A. Kohl, C. Grant Willson “High aspect ratio patterning of photosensitive polyimide with low thermal expansion coefficient and low dielectric constant,” J. Micro/Nanolith 15(3) 033503 (2016)
Blachut, Gregory ; Stephen M. Sirard, Michael J. Maher, Yusuke Asano “A Hybrid Chemo-/Grapho-Epitaxial Alignment Strategy for Defect Reduction in Sub-10 nm Directed Self-Assembly of Silicon-Containing Block Copolymers” Chem. Mater 28(24) 8951-8961 (2014)
Maher, Michael J.; Jeffrey L. Self, Pawer Stasiak, Gregory Blachut, Christopher J. Ellison, Mark W. Matsen, Christopher M. Bates, and C. Grant Willson “Structure, Stability, and Reorganization of 0.5 L0 Topography in Block Copolymer Thin Films,” ACS Nano 10(11) 10152-10160 (2016)
Wang, Xiaohan ; Dolocan, Andrei; Chou, Harry; Tao, Li; Dick, Andrew; Akinwande, Deji; Willson, C. Grant “Direct Observation of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Removal from a Graphene Surface,” Chemistry of Materials 29(5) 2033-2039 (2017)