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Bates, Christopher M.; Seshimo, Takehiro; Maher, Michael J.; Durand, William J.; Cushen, Julia D.; Dean, Leon M.; Blachut, Gregory; Ellison, Christopher J.; Willson, C. Grant “Polarity-Switching Top Coats Enable Orientation of Sub-10-nm Block Copolymer Domains,” Science 338(6108) 775 (2012)
Tang, Hao ; Deschner, Ryan; Allen, Peter; Cho, Younjin; Sermas, Patrick; Maurer, Alejandro; Ellington, Andrew D.; Willson, C. Grant “Analysis of DNA-Guided Self-Assembly of Microspheres Using Imaging Flow Cytometry,” Journal of the American Chemical Society 134(37) 15245 (2012)
Hagiwara, Yuji ; Mesch Ryan A; Kawakami Takanori; Okazaki Masahiro; Jockusch Steffen; Li Yongjun; Turro Nicholas J; Willson Carlton Grant “The Design and Synthesis of a Photo-Aromatization Based Two-Stage Photobase Generator for Pitch Division Lithography,” The Journal of Organic Chemistry (2012)
Cushen, Julia D.; Bates, Christopher M.; Rausch, Erica L.; Dean, Leon M.; Zhou, Sunshine X.; Willson, C. Grant; Ellison, Christopher J. “Thin Film Self-Assembly of Poly(trimethylsilylstyrene-b-D,L-lactide) with Sub-10 nm Domains,” Macromolecules 45(21) 8722-8728 (2012)